Feeling Patriotic with 1MPF

I know I am two weeks late, but I absolutely had to post about the wonderful experience I had performing in the The 3rd NY Indie Theatre 1 Minute Play Festival: America Is... at the New Ohio Theatre. With over 70 actors, 60 playwrights and 10 directors contributing, what an incredibly rewarding experience this massive undertaking turned out to be.

Each 1-minute play contributed to the conversation about post-election America in an original way, but it was the combined effect of all the pieces, performed rapid-fire in a single event, that left me breathless. One audience member commented that the evening felt like flying in a blimp over New York and taking one-minute rest stops at various locations; peeking into different windows and doors for just 60 seconds before flying away to the next one. Being part of that journey, and thus part of the NY Indie theatrical community, left me bursting with pride. 

And what's more, I finally got to reunite with director Cat Miller and actor Jes Bedwinek on this project. Having last worked all together almost five years on The Diary of Anne Frank as part of the Oberlin Summer Theater Festival's 2013 summer season, it was a joy to be in the big city with them, making art for a great cause.