Reaching a Milestone or Two

So a lot has happened within our warm and wacky Drunk Shakespeare community in the past month:

1.) I have taken on another role! I now perform several times a week as Lady Macbeth in addition to playing Banquo and several other roles.

2.) We have moved to the spacious 2nd floor theater at 777 8th Avenue, just a few blocks north of our old location. Our stage is longer, our bar is bigger, and our thirst is greater than ever!

3.) Last week, I had the supreme pleasure of celebrating my 100th show with this incredible company. I cannot believe how the time has flown, and I couldn't have asked for a more generous audience to get festive and feisty with that night!

In light of all these exciting milestones, I raise my invisible glass to many more shows and many more milestones in our beautiful new space! Cheers!