Goodbye, Welcome, and Welcome Back!

Ok, folks. This is a whopper of an update, so bear with me.

1.) The Goodbye: it is with both sadness and pride that I announce my departure from Drunk Shakespeare. To say it has been an incredible ride would be a massive understatement. I am forever grateful to the cast and crew for trusting and supporting me; I have learned so much from them in these past two years.

But why am I leaving, you ask? Excellent question!

2.) A Welcome: This summer, I am joining the union! So I will be bursting into fall audition season as a new member of the Actors’ Equity Association!

But HOW did you manage to join Equity, you query? Another great question!

3.) The Welcome Back: I am thrilled to announce that I am heading back up to the Chenango River Theatre to star in their World Premiere of Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This terrific new comedy set in 1973 follows Linda O’Shea - the oldest daughter of a lower-middle class, Irish-Catholic family - as she attempts to reenact the most turbulent and transformative day of her life. Written by Katie Forgette and directed by Drew Kahl, it is sure to be a blast!

BUT WHAT DO I DO NOW, you demand!? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

To catch me in my final two months of performing with Drunk Shakespeare, reach out to me through my Contact page for scheduling and possible comp tickets.

And for more information about Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, including how to purchase tickets and travel to Greene, visit the Chenango River Theatre’s website!

And if neither of these options work for you, I’ll see you in line outside the Equity Building this fall!